I Look Forward to Life Every Day


I was born in Benoni, Johannesburg, South Africa. I was raised and grew up in the Durban area. I was very soft by nature, my life was a bit unstable, I grew up in an abusive household, from about the age of 8. I was pretty ok before that.

I started using drugs when I was about 13 years old and I started using them at friends’ houses when I was away from home. I felt that drugs helped me cope with my home situation, little did I know they were going to do more to cause my destruction than anything. I became distant from my family and began hiding things from them.

After 23 years of drug use, I realized how much damage had been done and I could not function as a normal member of society. At that stage, I started to realize the effects and impacts all the drug use had on my mind and body. Basically, I got to a place where I was undergoing some training and I realized then that I had this great block in life, a barrier to study. That is when I decided to come to Narconon and take responsibility for my life. After about 10 years of drug use I found out about Narconon through family and I felt it was something that would really benefit me and help me handle what I could not do alone.

When I arrived I was terrified, but after the first day here, I was at ease as the staff really made me feel comfortable, I feel immediately at home. With the programme, my outlook on myself completely turned around. I felt I was able to love myself, and throughout the programme, that kind of grew gradually more and more.

After New Life Detox, I felt really good and felt that I had handled the physical part of my drug addiction. Once I was free of that I felt all of the things that the drugs masked, they came back with a vengeance. Then through Objectives, I began to feel freer each day as I progressed. By the end of Objectives, I felt that the mental side of things had been handled. I was more able to live in the now, to experience life in the now. My mind was at ease. I began to sleep better and I’m beginning to enjoy my dreams again due to a clean body and mind. After Life Skills, I felt that all the things I’d been hiding away from everyone and lying about, had been handled too, and as a result, I had a resurgence of life. Graduation was a very special and emotional time for myself and family, I am very sad to leave because I feel part of the Narconon family. I am looking forward to being able to get back to life without having to resort to drugs—living a clean life.

“My proudest accomplishment is completing the programme and proving to myself that I can actually do it and also restoring my family’s trust towards me.”

My proudest accomplishment is completing the programme and proving to myself that I can actually do it and also restoring my family’s trust in me. My relationship with my family is now a lot better, a hundred times better than what it was before. My favourite thing about being drug-free now is a clear head. I look forward to life every day. I wake up with an excitement about me as opposed to being worried about the day ahead. I feel more myself than I ever have.

—S.P., Narconon United Kingdom Graduate



Alice is passionate about helping others get off drugs at Narconon UK.