I Am Looking Forward to Showing My Kids and My Wife the New Me

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I was born in Argentina, lived there till I was nine years old and then moved to Australia. My life before doing drugs was a happy childhood with strong family ties. I had great parents, great siblings and a safe environment at home. One of the happiest moments before doing drugs was when we bought our first family home in Australia.

I first started using drugs when I was 15 years old. With a couple of schoolmates, I started smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol on the weekends. By the age of 17, I moved on to ecstasy, speed and cocaine. This continued up to recently, and during this time, I also got addicted to methamphetamines for five years.

Drugs made me more isolated as a person. They made me get into many fights and put me into some very dangerous situations. I became a habitual liar and a person who could not be trusted.

I hit rock bottom in my life, I got arrested and ended up in the hospital, and I was seriously questioning my own sanity and needed change.

I knew about the programme, and I knew someone who had completed it, so I reached out to him and then I called the Narconon helpline.

My arrival was good. I was nervous but looking forward to the challenge, the staff were very professional and very friendly from the get-go, and I was made to feel at home instantly, which comforted me. The reasons why I stayed was because, with every step I completed, I could see and feel an improvement in myself.

My three biggest wins were to attain control of my life again, to feel a sense of direction to the point where I understood what I needed to do to stay off drugs and after the detox, I felt really sound in mind and body.

I feel very excited about graduation, and I am ready to go back into society.

I am looking forward to seeing my kids and my wife and showing them the new me.

My proudest accomplishment is that I stuck it out, that I believed in the programme and believed that I could make it and get better.

“My wife has got trust in me again, even though I need to show it to them, and my family are extremely proud of
what I have accomplished here.”

My wife has got trust in me again, even though I need to show it to them, and my family are extremely proud of what I have accomplished here.

My favourite thing about being drug-free now is to think with a clearer mind and not live a life that’s full of lies.

The advice I would give to someone who is in active addiction now is to seek help and really confront their issues and problems.

N.R., Narconon United Kingdom Graduate


Alice Romero

I am passionate about helping others get off drugs at Narconon UK.