I Broke the Barriers and Am Free from Addiction

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Owning the problems and issues in your life is never easy. It’s easy to blame other people. It’s easy to numb out with gossip, drugs or excessive consumption of entertainment. It’s hard to own the part of yourself that you’re unhappy with. It’s hard to admit that you feel scared, insecure and uncomfortable.

For years I used drugs as a coping mechanism to avoid confronting the areas in my life that desperately needed attention. I created a mask and a personality that ended up encompassing my entire life. I was constantly in a state of either flying or sinking. I had forgotten what present time and self-awareness felt like. I turned into a compulsive liar with very little remorse. I was not in control of my mind. Drugs turned me into a monster, and even I was sick of myself. I couldn’t look in the mirror, let alone another person in the eye. I pushed away loved ones and friends who wanted to help.

I pushed my mind and body to the point of no return when I had my break point.

I had broken down mentally and feared for my life. I had hit rock bottom. I’d thought I’d hit it before, but this time was different. I knew I needed to seek professional help—immediately.

I knew that I needed to leave behind my behaviours as a drug addict. I knew I needed to separate myself from drug users, drug dealers, and dishonest and disloyal people. I needed to escape from the warped reality I had become trapped in. I needed to stop taking drugs and needed to remove myself from any environment that enabled that behaviour or triggered me.

After researching various rehabilitation centres, I decided that a 100% drug-free and holistic process appealed most to me, and so I chose to enrol at Narconon.

“Coming to Narconon enabled me to distance myself from drug users, drug dealers, environmental triggers and from the worry of not being able to look after myself on my own.”

Coming to Narconon enabled me to distance myself from drug users, drug dealers, environmental triggers and from the worry of not being able to look after myself on my own.

The rehabilitation process has given me hope. It’s given me confidence and has opened my mind to be able to receive help. It’s allowed me to confront the fear of change, to be self-aware and make conscious decisions. This process has taught me to recognize my power of choice and decision-making. It has helped me to exert control of my mind and has reduced my self-doubting nature, as well as providing me with a new thirst for life and showing me a sense of purpose.

This level of rehabilitation is very productive, and the benefits of self-control, persistence, the importance of concentrating, a growing desire to make the right decisions and choices as well as being able to preserve the conditions of a clear mind are all extremely prevalent.

The course of rehabilitation I have experienced has allowed me freedom from my addiction. It has allowed me to sever ties with old behaviours, undesirable people, and negative experiences and has shown me a path to happiness. I am thankful for my experience, and having felt this overall sense of revitalization, I would recommend anyone suffering silently to reach out and break the barriers to their freedom.

S.N., Narconon United Kingdom Graduate



Alice is passionate about helping others get off drugs at Narconon UK.