I Am Looking Forward to Prosperity in Life and More Success

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I was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I had a good early start in my life in Jeddah, and then I moved to Montréal, Canada. I finished my college degree, and then I headed back to Jeddah to start my career. I had studied civil engineering in college.

My life before I started doing drugs was very active—full of activities, highly social, always looking forward to what new thing is going to be done, ready to explore.

One of the happiest moments in my life I can remember before I started doing drugs was my graduation day. It was one of the proudest days of my life, between me and my whole family, friends and the whole community.

The first time I used drugs was at a party, I was offered by one of my friends, and I said, “Why not?”

Drugs made me lose my self-esteem, my strong approach towards people, the good influence that comes from life, and it made me lose my trust mainly from society as a whole.

The event that led to me coming to Narconon was actually because my family came and confronted me with the matter. I said to myself that I had to take serious action. I then started doing my own research until I got to Narconon UK.

Narconon was one of the 3 institutions that I nominated. I studied each of them very closely, and I picked Narconon out of the rest.

When I first arrived, there was this friendly staff member who helped me throughout the process from A to Z. She was very kind and helpful and an older sister to me. She made that experience very pleasant.

What I liked most was the Overcoming Ups and Downs Course, it was a very good book and strategy to implement, and it was the first of a kind I have ever seen. Also, the life assessments of life peers and friends that have been taken from there have been very successful. Finally, I would say the Objectives—how they were carried out and the sequences that they have—are extraordinary. At first, you think that it has no point, and you think what the hell I am doing, but at the last stages, you feel more calm, easy, and more accepting of the new changes you have made in your life.

The graduation was one of the nicest days I have had. How the reception was carried out, and the way the whole community felt was warm. I thank everyone who was a part of it.

I am looking forward to prosperity in life and more success.

“My proudest accomplishment is how I implemented all of this and how I brought myself to what I’ve learnt, to my work and family and friends.”

My proudest accomplishment is how I implemented all of this and how I brought myself to what I’ve learnt, and how I’ve brought this to my work and family and friends.

My family and I are on very good terms, and finally, we are on the same page.

My favourite thing about being drug free now is that I am always up for any new task, whether for fun or work.

M.A., Narconon United Kingdom Graduate



Alice is passionate about helping others get off drugs at Narconon UK.