Cocaine that Rots your Flesh!


If you buy cocaine, there is apparently an 80% chance that it has been cut with a skin rotting chemical!

It has been found in a study by that almost two-thirds of cocaine is cut with levamisole.

Levamisole is manufactured for farmers to use with livestock in order to purge them of parasitic worms.

Ingested in high enough quantities levamisole can cause ulcerating skin lesions, and rotting skin. Addicts have been found in hospitals with these symptoms, and it turns out this laced cocaine was the cause.

For many, the quantities are low enough to not affect users strongly, but for some addicts, the story is very different. With rotting skin and a highly damaged immune system, it leaves the person open to infections.

Unfortunately, levamisole may not be the worst thing found in cocaine. A study found that 4 out of 5 cocaine samples were laced with phenacetin. A painkiller banned in the USA since 1983 after it was shown to cause cancer and kidney damage.

This is just another danger for the addicts out there, with every new bag and every hit, a new possibility for physical or mental harm. This news follows on the heels of the recent story of elephant tranquilliser found in heroin.

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