Effects of Methylone Abuse

The effects of methylone are at this point known only to a handful of drug users. Unlike drugs like heroin and cocaine which have been around for decades, methylone is a recent drug on the illicit, recreational market.

Methylone found in bath salt

It is a synthetic drug that is sometimes found in formulations described as “bath salts.” It may be the only drug found in bath salts or there may be multiple chemicals in the package. The buyer will never know what he is getting unless he is a chemist.

Methylone is also available as a single chemical. It may alternately be called b-k-MDMA, showing its close relationship, chemically, with MDMA or Ecstasy, the party drug. Methylone is a strong stimulant. When sold as bath salts, methylone might have been described as “plant food,” “jewellery cleaner” or other non-consumable substance to evade law enforcement seizures. It might have been labelled with names like “Ivory Wave,” “Cloud Nine” or “Vanilla Sky.

In a few minutes on the internet, a person can buy this drug from businesses in other countries. It is just being added to lists of outlawed drugs so in some areas, the seller may be able to state that the drug is legal. It was banned by emergency edict from the Drug Enforcement Administration late in 2011, but state and local law enforcement are usually able to do very little about the drug until a local ban takes effect.

Effects Considered Desirable and Completely Undesirable

When a person decides to abuse methylone, he is taking a terrible risk. He (or she) is probably looking for euphoria, sexual energy and drive and increased sociability. The effects he really get could fall into this category or they could be disastrously different.

Adverse Effects of Methylone

Adverse effects of methylone include:

  • Chest pains
  • High blood pressure
  • Increased heart rate
  • Agitation
  • Hallucinations
  • Delusions
  • Paranoia
  • Suicidal thoughts

Severe Effects of Methylone

These effects could turn into a severe medical emergency and hospitalisation, with effects like these being noted:

  • Panic attacks
  • Seizures
  • Muscle breakdown
  • Organ failure
  • Death

There are already a growing number of deaths from this drug. The user may have taken too much or may have been overly sensitive to its effects. Deaths finally occurred after effects like multiple cardiac arrests, fevers up to 107 degrees and combativeness that required the person to be strapped down. Along the way, the skeletal muscles began to break down because of reactions to the chemical or the stress of the person fighting police or restraints. Livers and kidneys also collapsed.

Private or Party Use of Methylone

Accounts online of experimentation with methylone show people taking the drug while sitting quietly at home or going to dance clubs where they hope to experience Ecstasy-like effects.

It is just not possible to warn some people that they are in danger when they take these drugs. They may have to find out when they wake up in a hospital or realise that they are addicted. Either way, they are lucky to be alive because not everyone survives methylone abuse. An addicted person has a chance to get clean if he can find an effective rehab.

Coming Back from Methylone Abuse

For nearly five decades, the Narconon programme has been helping the addicted work their way back to healthy, sober lives. The eight to ten week programme offered at a Narconon facility never uses any drug as part of treatment programmes. Instead, nutritional supplements help a person begin to build his strength and mental balance back up, as deficiencies resulting from drug abuse can crash a person’s mind and body. Gentle procedures help a person stay oriented and positive while he (or she) goes through withdrawal.

Once through withdrawal, the individual undergoes the New Life Detoxification step, a carefully worked out regimen of exercise, low-heat, dry sauna and vitamins and minerals. The Detoxification step helps to cleanse the body of residuals from past drug use. Those who do this step typically report improved clairity of thought as well as greatly reduced – or wholly eliminated – cravings for drugs.

Then he or she is guided through a unique life skills training programme that help him or her obtain a better understanding of factors which contributed to their past addiction. The person also takes a course which helps rehabilitate their basic integrity – an element which many addicts loose during the travails of addiction. Finally he learns problem-solving and decision-making skills which increase his or her ability to successfully chart a drug-free life.

Learn how this programme can help turn an addicted person’s life around, even if he (or she) has failed at earlier rehab programmes.

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