Signs and Symptoms of Methylone Abuse

Methylone is a completely new drug to most people. It is being referred to as one of the “second generation” of the new synthetic drugs that have been hitting the illicit market in the last several years. Methylone and similar drugs are also referred to as “designer drugs” because of the way that chemists design modifications of the molecules of synthetic drugs they are manufacturing so they can evade local and state laws. If it doesn’t match the chemical description of a drug that is already illegal, the sellers can claim that this new drug is legal.

Methylone is Like Bath Salt

Eventually, descriptions of these new drugs are added to the list of drugs that are illegal. Law enforcement can then begin to seize the drug and arrest the sellers. What normally happens then is that use of that drug — and dangerous side effects and deaths — usually begin to drop. And chemists simply release the next drug they have cooked up.

Another attraction to this business is that drug tests also can’t keep up. So for a while, someone who is concerned about being drug tested can abuse this new drug because it won’t show up on a drug test.

New Drug - New Adverse Effects

Methylone is fairly new to the market but already, dangerous signs and symptoms are associated with its use. Methylone is a cathinone, a class of synthetic drug that mimics the chemistry of an intoxicating plant called khat. Mixed or single cathinones are often the components of the drug referred to as bath salts.

Dangerous Symptoms of Using Methylone

There is a group symptoms that shows up when a person takes too much methylone.

These dangerous symptoms include:

  • Agitation
  • Sweating
  • Hallucinations
  • Delirium
  • Chest pains
  • Paranoia
  • Panic attacks
  • Overheating - as high as 107 degrees
  • Breakdown of skeletal muscles
  • Severely elevated heart rate
  • Seizures
  • Organ breakdown
  • Death

Methylone is also called bk-MDMA or beta-keto-MDMA. This shows methylone’s similarity to the club drug Ecstasy, which is alternately described as MDMA.

Signs and Symptoms of Methylone Abuse

What Are Usual Signs and Symptoms of Methylone Abuse?

What people are looking for when they abuse methylone is, of course, completely different than the list above.

At normal doses, they may manifest:

  • Euphoria
  • Appetite suppression
  • Increased sociability
  • Increased sexual interest and drive
  • Increased energy

When methylone was being sold alone or with other chemicals as in bath salts, it was then packaged in small foil packets or small jars, with fancy names. It is now sometimes sold under its own name.

When sold as bath salts, methylone might have been described as “plant food,” “jewellery cleaner” or other non-consumable substance to evade law enforcement seizures. It might have been labelled with names like “Ivory Wave,” “Cloud Nine” or “Vanilla Sky.”

Methylone will also have signs of use that are similar to other cathinones - tolerance (meaning more of the drug must be taken to get the same effects) and addiction.

A Particular Danger with This Type of Drug

When a person is buying synthetics, they will never have any idea (unless they are a chemist) what they are getting. Synthetic drugs for illicit and recreational consumption have no controls over them whatsoever. They may contain a mix of drugs or adulterants. A person takes his life in his hands when he abuses synthetics. He may have an experience he tells his friends about, he may wind up addicted, or he could die.

Seeking Help at Narconon

The many websites where drug abusers share their storeys ambiguity don’t talk about the way that many people can’t get off drugs until they find an effective drug rehab programme like the one at Narconon.

At Narconon, the whole focus is on enabling a person to live a completely drug-free, alcohol-free life. He should be free from intolerable, unmanageable cravings for the drug he used to use. He should know how to solve life’s problems and deal with setbacks so he is not compelled to reach for more drugs or drinks.

It takes eight to ten weeks for most people to achieve these skills. Some people need more time which is why there is no set time limit for the programme. This is the programme that many people say finally broke the back of their addictions so they could live sober after they graduated - even though they had been to many rehab facilities before this one.

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