What Makes Narconon Different?

The Narconon programme is a very effective drug rehabilitation system, for full information you should check out the Narconon United Kingdom website but here I am going to give you a little overview so that you can get an idea of how the programme works.

Drug Free Withdrawal

After a doctor checks them out and gives medical approval to do the programme, it all starts with getting the person off drugs. Narconon does not replace the drug they are addicted to, with another one, but, instead, helps the person through withdrawal using vitamins, nutrition and personal support. Though drug-free withdrawal can be a hard thing to face, it is an extremely beneficial way of withdraw because it does not just replace one drug with another.

New Life Detox


Following withdrawal is the New Life Detoxification. This involves a precise regimen of vitamins, minerals, exercise and sauna. The theory of the New Life Detox is that these precise steps allow the body to detoxify the effects of residual drugs after the withdrawal. At the end of this step the person normally feels fresh and no longer connected physically to the drugs of the past.


The physical side has been now addressed. There is a mental side, too, to look at: this is a big factor in not relapsing. Objectives are unique exercises designed to get the person’s attention off of the past and into the present. This allows them to leave the druggy lifestyle behind and begin to look at life newly, ready for a fresh start.

Life Skills

The last step: Life Skills. The person will now study and learn to apply vital data to their life. Many addicts never had these tools, or lost them somewhere along the way of addiction. These help the person regain the knowledge they need to go out into the world and remain drug free for real.

Here is what a student had to say:

I’d been to eight other rehabs before Narconon. What makes Narconon different is they never told me not to use drugs; they taught me a better way to live life and a by-product of that was not using drugs.”
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Narconon UK

Welcome to Narconon United Kingdom At Narconon, we are dedicated to one thing: helping you overcome addiction for good. Part of what makes this possible is the Narconon environment. Every detail has been taken into account to give you the stability and comfort to help you free yourself from addiction and rebuild your life without drugs.