The First Step of the Narconon Programme Is the Drug-Free Withdrawal

Man smiling
J.L.—Narconon Student

At Narconon, we do not use drugs to help someone with addiction to come off their substance of choice. The withdrawal procedure involves 24-hour supervision and relevant one-to-one care along with the use of very specific vitamins and minerals, alongside simple yet effective techniques to help the person get relief from the adverse symptoms withdrawal can bring.

This is the beginning step of a student’s journey towards a potentially drug-free life; it comes before the New Life Detox. Positive and very exact improvements occur at each step of the programme, no matter how short or how simple.

J.L. just completed his Drug-Free Withdrawal from Alcohol in five days, and here is what he had to say:

“When I first came in here I was in bits and pieces. I just wanted to look at the floor. I didn’t feel worthy of anyone’s care.

Now I have a smile on my face for sure.

Also, I am in a very nice place mentally. I am more aware of how I feel as opposed to the numbness the alcohol was bringing.”

J.L.—Narconon Student

J.L.’s withdrawal took 5 days to complete and he is already onto the New Life Detox. You too could be on your own journey to a potentially drug- or alcohol-free life.

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Welcome to Narconon United Kingdom At Narconon, we are dedicated to one thing: helping you overcome addiction for good. Part of what makes this possible is the Narconon environment. Every detail has been taken into account to give you the stability and comfort to help you free yourself from addiction and rebuild your life without drugs.