Tara Palmer-Tomkinson:
Another Tragic Drug Fuelled Loss

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson was found dead last week in her flat. A socialite, and Prince Charles’s god-daughter she was a well-known public figure, and thus, her cocaine habit was well-known too.

Recently diagnosed with a benign tumour in the pituitary gland, and last year an auto-immune disease, combined with years of cocaine abuse, her body was not in good condition.

Her cocaine addiction was seen publicly through the nineties and naughties, and it left her with a collapsed nasal septum which required cosmetic surgery to fix and holes in her mouth, making it difficult to eat. Apparently, at that time her habit was costing her £400 a day and her weight had dropped to just over six stone.

Tara seems to have been honest with the public about what was going on with her and drugs, rather than glamorising it, she has admitted to dark and dismal moments. In fact, her trip to rehab in Arizona was following an overdose and collapse in her flat, lasting three days, where she had thrown up, couldn’t reach the phone, and was covered in burns where she had put cigarettes out on herself. She thought to herself that that was it, she would die right then but she managed to reach the phone to call her parents, and luckily for her, she was gotten straight to rehab.

She lectured about the dangers of drugs and from 2013 was the patron of Scottish charity Speur-Ghlan which delivered early intervention for children diagnosed with autism. As always, there was a good person there who’s life got turned upside with drugs.

Just another sad story on how drugs can take a life from someone with so much promise and potential.

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