Signs that Alcohol Consumption Is Out of Control


The person fails to fulfil responsibilities at work, school, or at home.

This can be one of the first indicators that you see, without realising necessarily that alcohol is a factor. Nevertheless, negation of responsibilities goes hand in hand with
alcohol abuse.

The person drinks in dangerous situations, such as while operating machinery or driving.

This is an indicator that alcohol consumption has reached dangerous heights. Because the alcohol has now clouded the person’s judgement to a point of putting the person in life-threatening or at least dangerous situations.

The person has been arrested or involved in legal problems due to alcohol abuse.

The person might have been driving under the influence or became involved in a physical altercation while drunk. This is something that is harder for the person to deny and certainly a huge indicator that things are no longer under control.

Problems being caused in interpersonal affairs, due to alcohol.

The person is now letting alcohol consume them. Relationships fall by the wayside as important events are forgotten, communication decreases and upsets occur. You may be part of this—if it is occurring do something about it now!

Continuing to drink despite health situations worsening.

Physical reactions to alcohol, such as liver damage, problems with the heart, high blood pressure, pancreatitis, etc. If these are known about and being advised on by a doctor and yet the person still drinks, you certainly have a high indication for alcoholism.

In these situations and more not mentioned, the key to spotting alcoholism is when drinking continues past an obvious time that the person is negatively affected by it, whether health, relationships, work or with legal action. If a person continues, despite these factors and doesn’t make a concerted effort to change, this is likely to be alcoholism.

If this is the case, you need to take some action to help either yourself, friend or family member.

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