Saving Artists from Addiction

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Almost every month we read or hear about an artist who has succumbed to drugs. Artists are important for our society because they inspire the culture and society to better things. These individuals are talented and deserve support.

By the same token, they are often the target of drug dealers. Artists are often already on a different creative plane and casually taking drugs may not seem like a big deal. Alternately the pressures of the industry or fame can often take their toll and lead to drugs as a solution for the stress.

In the mainstream media you often do not hear about an artist’s drug problem until it is too late. But for those close by, there are usually warning signs or outright in your face signs that you should follow up on.

It takes stepping up to confront someone about their drug problem, facing their denial, recrimination or anger. It is not always easy and sometimes you may feel that it is not worth risking the friendship or relationship you have with the person. But over the long term if someone truly succumbs to addiction you are going to lose this bond in a much worse way anyway.

If you know that you are truly saving someone’s life, then it is always the right thing to do. Pushing through the denial and managing to get that person real help will always be worth it. Both for the person themselves as well as those around him.

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