Pop Culture Power Gone Wrong

How to destroy a generation of future leaders

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With the evolution of social media over the past 10 years, messages from pop culture influencers rebound around the world in a matter of seconds.

Stepping off a plane in Malaysia several years ago, I was greeted by a large front-page image of Justin Bieber in the newspaper. It seemed bizarre to me at the time—I’m used to this in Los Angeles, but this drove home the point to me that the messages of pop culture touch every corner of the world today, and in real time.

There are obviously many positive implications to this. Messages of beauty, hope and inspiration thread there way through the social channels in an instant. When Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Hudson, Celine Dion, Justin Bieber and a host of other artists came together with the song, “We Are The World 25 for Haiti”, it was seen millions of times in a matter of days, garnering love, support, and donations for the people of this island nation.

Ideas communicated in an instant. Globally. This is true power.

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Where this turns south is when pop culture icons like Kim Kardashian wear branded clothing promoting being high. Her Kimoji brand hats proclaim “Never Not High.” That’s a pretty direct message.

Addiction experts blasted her for the message to UK fans which not-so-subtly encourages them to get high.

Head of the drug use charity Resolve, Joe Heeney, said: “All this does is normalise drug taking. It will only encourage more young people to take cannabis.”

Lil Wayne
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The lyrics in Artist Lil Wayne’s “Codeine Dreaming” track need no further explanation.

Get high. Why not?

The chart-topping track “Can’t Feel my Face” by the Weekend, Tove Lo’s smash hit “Habits (Stay High)” are other not-so-subtle expressions of championing drug use.

The effect of these messages leave families to pick up the pieces after their loved ones derail and turn down a path of drug use.

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