Outstanding Results Were Fundamental to Handling My Condition

Success Story Narconon Graduate
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After using drugs and alcohol for 15 years and several failed attempts at rehab, I found the Narconon Programme.

I used drugs and alcohol for 15 years, since the age of 13. At the age of 24, I decided to go into drug rehabilitation. My physical and mental condition was very bad and so I did.

I entered into a 12 step programme that lasted exactly 7 months and 20 days, a programme where they consider that addiction is a disease and you are an addict for life. I relapsed within 5 days after completing this treatment.

After approximately 8 months I decided that I needed to go into rehabilitation again as I was worse than at the point of my first rehabilitation. I stayed 3 more months for the relapse programme, after some weeks I relapsed again. Each relapse was worse. I would get deeper and deeper on my drug use.

After some more months-almost a year after I had relapsed-I decided that I had to go again to rehab or I would be dead soon, so I started searching for treatment centres and I found Narconon. While reading the info online I was amazed with this programme. Having experienced other rehabilitation programmes made it easy to see how Narconon was the one that was going to save my life, I knew it. When I read that drug addiction was a condition that can be handled, I was in immediate agreement, addiction is not for life.

Starting on the programme, I began a proper withdrawal nourishing my body with vitamins and minerals and receiving 24-hour attention from the staff with specific assists to help you go through it in a smooth way. After this, I started the sauna New Life Detox. What an amazing experience during this process. I felt that my body was finally being cleaned from the harmful effects of drugs, day by day I was healthier, stronger mentally and physically, ready to confront the damage caused mentally by addiction. The results I experienced from this part of the programme were outstanding! I was no longer feeling the harmful effects of drugs on my body, it was clean.

After that, I started Objectives. In other treatments they talk about living in the "here and now", but unfortunately it is impossible when you are an addict for life and you are always stuck in the past. With these Objectives I was finally in present time, my awareness regarding me and others increased a lot, everything was more real. There are no words to describe the outstanding results of these processes, vital to rehabilitate anyone from drugs. I was ready now to confront what I did to others, to myself, to have a look at the toxic personalities that were surrounding me, etc. Basically, I was educating myself with important data to be successful outside treatment. The upset I got rid of by writing exactly what I had done to others and when and where these actions had taken place, was incredible. This action coupled with reading and analyzing the people around me and having the right data to see exactly the good and the bad, I now had the right tools to operate properly in my new environment.

The outstanding results of this part were fundamental to handle my condition regarding addiction which now after one year is completely handled.

“The Narconon programme is the only programme in the world delivering real solutions, helping addicts to regain their dignity towards their families and friends…”

The Narconon programme is the only programme in the world delivering real solutions, helping addicts to regain their dignity towards their families and friends and if I regained my life back and my family can now be in peace with certainty that I will never go back on drugs, it is thanks to this outstanding programme.

From a former addict:



Alice is passionate about helping others get off drugs at Narconon UK.