Narconon’s Ups & Downs In Life Course Completion


I’ve cut ties with two people since I’ve been through the Ups and Downs In Life, and to a point I feel relieved.

One of the guys I’ve cut ties with is my brother in law. I was very close to him. And when I was doing my work sheet on the Ups and Downs In Life, I actually realized that he’s an alcoholic and occasionally takes substances. He is the guy that introduced me to them.

He was my business partner, best buddy and my wife’s Brother-In-Law. I was so frustrated to see him waste his life away. When I saw him, some time ago, I said ‘get a grip, stop drinking, and stop abusing your family’. I offered to pay for his rehab, but he refused. I thought “Dude you are killing yourself.”

Completing his worksheet gave me the realization of “Oh My God that’s how my wife must have been feeling about me, when she kicked me out of the house and was cutting ties with me.”

B. A.—Narconon Student

Reconciled with his wife

This student is now reconciled with his wife and children and living a drug free, new life.

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