Learning to Leave Addiction Behind

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Changing Conditions helped me to open doors of communication with loved ones and initiate steps to re build relationships.

It has helped me to remove any grey areas I’ve had with people and has shown me the way through to happiness in my surroundings moving forward.

This course was super helpful in putting positive steps in place for me to move forward in my life and leave behind a life of addiction.

Now that I have completed this part of the course, I feel better prepared for my life outside of Narconon. I have taken responsibility for the hurt I have caused individuals in my life and have taken the first steps to make up for this.

“… will use this in the future to improve my
and my family’s life.”

I have learnt how to spot indicators of a change of condition in life and know the formulas to move up through the conditions and will use this in the future to improve my and my family’s life.

S.N., Narconon Student



Alice is passionate about helping others get off drugs at Narconon UK.