How to Have Fun Without Drugs or Alcohol

Many people feel that drugs or at least alcohol are needed to have a good time. That life would be boring without them. Though at first this may seem like a truth to someone trying drugs or alcohol, look at any of the thousands of people stuck in the cycle of addiction and you won’t see a fun, happy time being had there.

For those that never got into drugs and alcohol you will find it easy to hang out with a group or friends and do different activities that keep your life fun and rewarding. But for those just starting a sober, drug-free life, it isn’t so simple. Probably the old group of friends is still out there at the parties and raves surrounded by drugs and alcohol… yet staying at home alone is not an appealing prospect either.

Everyone has to find out what works for them but here are some ideas of things that can be taken up alone or with friends to begin a life that can be sober yet fun, happy and even adventurous too. Useful links provided!

  • Learn to do something you have always wanted to do, it could be cooking or playing the guitar, learning a new language, taking acting classes or whatever ideas you have. Something that you always wanted to do but never quite made the time for.
Outdoor waking
  • Go for a hike or long walk, England is lucky to have its public right of way maintained and there are paths just about everywhere that can be explored and enjoyed. Or you have places like the National Trust scattered all over the country.
  • Take up some exercise or learn a sport. Whether it is as simple as the gym or an aerobics class or as adventurous as skiing, surfing or skydiving or all of the things available in between like football, cricket, rugby or snooker, there is sure to be something that you can get into.
  • See a movie, a gig or show. Going out to these types of places can be fun and not necessarily saturated by drugs. If you are in London there are thousands of things on offer, if not then look into what is available near you.
  • Take a road trip or go on holiday. Find some drug and alcohol-free friends and hit the road and explore a new area. It could be a day trip, a long weekend or a week-long adventure but whatever it is there is always joy in discovering new places
  • Take up some art form whether it’s painting, drawing, sculpting or photography. Or if you truly don’t feel you have the artistic skills, you could always do something as simple as adult colouring books! Being creative is a great and soothing experience!
  • What about volunteering? You probably have skills and abilities or at least time and attention that could be put to good use helping others. Helping another can be an extremely rewarding experience.
  • Get involved in some local activity, whether it is a Zumba class, or a night of cards, arts and crafts, book club, or pulling out the old Magic cards there is definitely something happening near you that you can get involved in.

I hope that some of these are appealing to you and give you some ideas of how to meet new people if you need to, or get into activities without the drugs or alcohol of the past. If you do stick to it I am sure you will see that a sober lifestyle is not a boring one, but rather filled with fun and energy to direct whichever way you choose.

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