Helping Your Loved One Through Rehab

Father and son

Once a loved one is enrolled in the Narconon drug rehab program, the largest stress is over; the family can relax, knowing that the person is getting the help that they need. BUT it is important that the family doesn’t think that their job is totally over.

A supportive family can make a big difference for a recovering addict. Here are some key tips for helping to support your loved one through rehab:

  • Don’t use drugs or alcohol. An addict on the road to recovery needs to learn that a happy, healthy fulfilling life is possible without drugs and alcohol. When the addict’s family refrains from even moderate consumption, it helps to demonstrate this and can be a big support.
  • Keep them away from others who struggle with alcohol or drug use. It is easy to fall into habits of a group that you are with. Hanging out with users can change the mindset from ‘getting clean’ to thinking it is just ‘easier’ to continue using. When others are struggling with drugs, your loved one may start to think it is alright to relapse into drug use.
  • Provide emotional support. This does not mean being overly sympathetic or letting them quit or give up when things get tough. It also does not mean agreeing with the excuses and complaints which an addict may offer as reasons to quit rehab. What it does mean is letting them know they have people who love and care for them. This can include visiting them in rehab, sending them letters or parcels, making encouraging phone calls and lots more.

Rehab can be difficult for an individual to experience—physically, mentally and emotionally; from all the changes that occur, and all the situations that have to be faced. Support from family members can greatly help the addict to make it through as comfortably and smoothly as possible.

Furthermore, it can be fulfilling for the family themselves, knowing that they are helping and aiding in the recovery of their loved one; this is especially true if it came after a long period of turmoil.

Narconon recognises this important factor in helping an addict which is why we work with families to help their loved one through our rehabilitation programme. For more information on our rehabilitation programme, please contact us.


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