Drug Kingpins Found and Jailed

Nice villa

The last few months have seen a couple of drug leaders found, captured and jailed.

Paul Monk head of a £31 million empire escaped to Spain in 2013 but continued to run his illegal importation into Britain. Described as a career criminal, Paul oversaw the importation of almost 1,000 kilogrammes of cocaine into the country. Paul has finally been re-caught and now sentenced to 18 years in prison.

Paula White ran a rather different operation, a website called Wide Mouth Frogs, with over 18,500 registered customers. The website claimed to sell legal highs, but in fact, kilos of drugs in all forms, powders and pills were found including illegal class B drugs.

Men and women such as these growing rich on other people’s pain are hard to come to grips with. Paul had a house near Alicante, Spain with piles and piles of cash hidden throughout the house, while Paula has a million-pound mansion in London as well as a villa in Spain.

Let’s commend the police for their hard work in capturing such high-powered leaders in drug trafficking and getting them and the products of their work off the streets of Britain!

While getting drug kingpins imprisoned helps in the fight against drug addiction the long term solution is drug education and prevention. When these fail, then rehabilitation is needed and this is where Narconon comes in.

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