Butane Hash Oil

Butane Hash Oil

What is Butane Hash Oil - BHO?

Butane hash oil or BHO is a very concentrated version of marijuana. It is created by processing marijuana into a refined oil.

A highly flammable chemical called butane is used to strip the THC (the chemical that creates the marijuana high) from marijuana and create a sticky substance that is then smoked in a pipe, by putting a small chunk, or ‘dab,’ of BHO into a pipe, lighting and then inhaling the fumes.

BHO is called a variety of highly descriptive street names like: hash oil, butane honey oil, dabs, amber, shatter, and earwax.

Why Using BHO is Dangerous

After inhaling BHO, it is common for users to experience a very extreme high, hallucinations or even drop into unconsciousness.

In my opinion, the reason for this is that BHO, compared to marijuana, contains extremely high concentrations of THC. Just a small chunk about the size of a tic tac, would be equivalent to smoking one entire marijuana cigarette in just one breath.

Some negative effects of THC include:

  • Slowed reaction time
  • Increased heart rate
  • Paranoia, anxiety, and depression
  • Memory problems
  • Bleeding
  • Changes in blood pressure

Inhaling these huge quantities of THC open individuals up to a range of mental and physical health problems as well as opening the door to addiction.

Dangers of Butane

Butane is a chemical that most people know as lighter fluid. As butane is used in the creation of BHO, the butane chemical can get trapped within the oil, this means that a user can be smoking dangerously high levels of THC but also trapped butane gas as well!

Inhaling butane can cause problems like:

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