British Adults Use Plenty of Drugs but Much Smaller Number are Addicted

According to a new survey published by The Guardian, nearly one in three British adults has used drugs but not nearly as many consider they have a problem with drugs. Only about 13% of those surveyed think they have ever had a problem with drugs. That equates to about two million people.

In most countries, more men than women use drugs. But in Britain, the numbers are nearly equal. And those using drugs are older than drug users in other countries. In Britain, the age group most frequently using drugs is 35 to 44. Compare that to the ages of the biggest users in the U.S. – young adults aged 18 to 24.

The British preference for stimulants showed up in this survey. More than one-third of British drug users had used amphetamines and slightly less had used cocaine. Heroin is used by fewer people but of course is a riskier drug to use because of the potential for overdose. Even with a smaller pool of users, the number of people succumbing to the drug is growing by leaps and bounds. Since 1993, this number has almost tripled, reaching 2,248 in 2014.

Scotland Suffers Even Higher Rates of Drug Abuse

Scotland’s problems are even more pronounced than those of Britain. In 2014, a startling photograph summed up the country’s growing heroin problem. A young man and woman in Dundee who had lowered their jeans so they could inject heroin passed out before they could even let go of their needles. Fortunately, they were taken to the hospital and revived. The photograph served as a wake-up call to the entire country.

Landscape of Scotland and heroin addict.

Scotland also struggles with abuse of synthetic drugs. In a short time period, drug squad officers seized more than 250 different types of these drugs, many of the type referred to as “bath salts.” The manufacturers of these drugs continually modify their formulas so as to circumvent laws that try to keep these drugs out of users’ hands so there’s an ever-increasing number of drugs on the illicit market.

Narconon Drug Rehabilitation in the UK

The UK is under assault by drug dealers of all types. Only an effective rehabilitation helps individuals put a dangerous, drug-using life behind them. For fifty years in locations all around the world, the Narconon drug rehabilitation programme has been helping bring about this change. Now, from an East Sussex location, Narconon offers this restorative programme to all UK residents.

Narconon UK is a place where those who are addicted are helped to overcome the cravings that repeatedly drive them back to more drugs. That healing is accomplished without the use of other addictive substances like methadone. Instead, healthy methods like thorough sauna-based detoxification, an education in sober living skills and a unique method of recovering from past trauma are used.

It takes longer than 30 days to bring about a lasting recovery from an addiction that could have lasted decades. At Narconon UK, each person progresses to sobriety at their own rate. What is important is that the skills to guide one’s life down a sober path are learned.

In this beautiful country manor, someone you care about can find a new and lasting sober life. Call Narconon UK to learn more about this healthy alternative to drug-based treatment programmes.


Karen Hadley

For more than a decade, Karen has been researching and writing about drug trafficking, drug abuse, addiction and recovery. She has also studied and written about policy issues related to drug treatment.