Adderall Abuse Amongst Professionals

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Adderall is a prescription drug commonly used to treat ADHD. It has mainly been abused in colleges and universities to aid students in their studies. Adderall is very powerful and much more potent than other amphetamines like Ritalin, for example. It is also highly addictive thus making moderation extremely important. Students under pressure with exams, high-stakes tests, etc., will often use the drug to narrow their focus. When these students graduate and move into the business world, this habit may continue into their professional lives.

The business world is more stressful than university and college life as your income and livelihood depend on your job security. This can lead many to use the drug to stay productive and meet deadlines. However, this also often leads to abuse. One example was a close friend of mine who was given a deadline that was much sooner than he expected. He didn’t feel like he would be able to make it and decided to take Adderall to stay awake and ended up staying up all night drinking coffee and Adderall. He ended up being hospitalised due to heart problems the day after finishing his work before the deadline. This led me to look into Adderall and just how bad the abuse problem is around the globe.

I researched for days looking into anything and everything regarding Adderall abuse in the professional world. Reliable data to quantify how many professionals misuse the drug does not exist. But I found many stories on chat websites and forums like Reddit. What I found was that most professionals abusing Adderall do so for the same reasons as my friend. They need to stay awake, meet deadlines and one alarming reason was, “to appear normal after partying the night before.”

As you can see, the drug is used for many reasons other than ADHD. Most users who abuse it keep it a secret and don’t tell their doctor for fear of losing their prescription. This can lead to the individual procuring the drug illegally. To understand why this is much more dangerous, you have to understand lacing. Dealers who want to make more of a profit will crush up Adderall, mix it with cheaper substances, and then re-press the pill. This is called lacing and automatically makes the drug even more dangerous. If laced with things like baking powder or flour, the user, getting a cheaper, and less potent form of Adderall. As a result, they will take many more pills, not knowing the recommended dosage and face fatal effects. If mixed with a cheaper substance but another amphetamine or opioid, the user could experience very harmful effects from mixing different substances when expecting just Adderall.

Professionals who are hooked on Adderall and lose their prescription may go to extreme lengths to keep their edge at work. Illegal procurement of Adderall or even abuse of other drugs such as cocaine can result. This is why it is vital to get help if someone is abusing Adderall as they may not know what can happen to them physically and mentally as a result.

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Devin was born and raised in East Baton Rouge, Louisiana where drug and alcohol abuse was a normal occurrence in families especially after Hurricane Katrina left hundreds of families homeless with easy access to drugs and alcohol to “relieve their pain.“ He was introduced to drugs at a young age and has now been drug-free for over 6 years.