7 Signs That Someone Has Had Too Much to Drink

Friends drinking and arm wrestling

You do not generally see people taking drugs right out in public. You and most people would probably be quite disconcerted to see someone shoot up or snort in front of you.

This is not the case for all drugs though. Alcohol of course being legal, is a very common thing to see around. In fact, it is so common as to be expected at a party, a celebration, a wedding, and where it would be strange NOT to have alcohol.

That being said it is still a drug and due to its prevalence in society it is good to have some markers of when enough is enough. You probably know some of these and have had some first-hand experience too.

The best way to use these is just when the signs begin. When a person is tipsy it means they are on the way to full blown drunk, why not give them some water, or slow down the drinking for a bit and have a good time without getting completely inebriated.

1. Flushed Face

Now not everyone gets this phenomena, but it is a good one to know as it is quite common and can often be one of the first outward signs of too much drink. If you are all having a good time but you notice someone’s face getting red, it may just be the time to order some water.

2. Over Exaggerated Emotions

This can be happy and laughing, sad and crying or angry and aggressive; what the emotion is doesn’t change this factor. What you will see is bigger, louder and more noticeable then the normal emotions of this person. Their emotions have become out of control and often won’t fit what is happening around them, the exaggerated emotions are not justified.

3. Acting Strangely

This goes along with point 2, how the person normally behaves is not what you will see, maybe they are being rude, flirty or just talking very loudly, this can be especially true if the situation makes it inappropriate. On top of that, they won’t be able to spot that it is happening, or be able to make appropriate changes to their behavior.

4. Aggression

Not all drunks show signs of aggression but it is common enough to mention. Being rude, intentionally riling someone up or picking fights would all be part of this. This is just an extended part of the exaggerated emotions, but it is not a fun one. Watch out for this dangerous sign.

Drunk man and afraid woman

5. Lack of Safety

Not being fully aware of one’s surroundings can be dangerous, walking into a road without looking for cars, getting dangerously close to the gap, trying to drink from a broken bottle and other such things can often happen. The perceptions and awareness of the environment lower and this can create dangerous situations.

6. Lack of Body Control

This is an easy one to see, the person can’t walk in a straight line, wobbly on their feet and perhaps even falling over. This is a sure sign that the person has had more than the liver can handle. It may sometimes look funny but it is actually the body losing control and is not a good thing.

7. Throwing Up

If the person has reached this stage, earlier warning signs have been missed. This happens because the toxic effect of alcohol is building up in the system and the liver is not able to keep up. The body tries to get rid of the toxins another way and vomiting is induced. No fun night out needs vomit, so why not make sure you or your friends stop before it gets that far.

If you start to see some of these signs, or ideally the beginnings of them, then it is time to try and help your friend on to drinking water. These signs of being drunk indicate the liver is not managing to filter out the alcohol sufficiently, in relation to how much is being consumed. Essentially, the alcohol is building up in the body causing these effects. Having no alcohol for some time, and using water to help flush the system, gives the liver time to catch up and filter the alcohol out.

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