What You Can Do About Marijuana Abuse

Opinions vary among parents as to whether or not it’s a problem that their children smoke marijuana. After all, some states have legalised the “medical” use of marijuana. And it’s now legal to smoke pot “recreationally” in some states. In those states where marijuana can be used medically, a young person may walk or drive by a half-dozen marijuana dispensaries each day.

Marijuana Abuse

On top of that, many parents smoked some weed when they were young and “didn’t get addicted.” Why should they object to their children smoking weed, they ask themselves.

It’s understandable that a parent would be uncertain of the facts about any danger from marijuana abuse. These pages will familiarise you with some of the information that pro-legalisation lobbyists are not talking about. The goal is to increase your understanding of the full situation. The goal is simply to help you protect your children from harm or addiction.

The real problem lies in youth not having enough mature judgement to make good decisions in the area. If parents themselves are not fully certain what the associated problems are, they will not teach children how to avoid the dangers involved with abusing this drug. Without guidance, young people are much more likely to run into problems with marijuana, alcohol, or other drugs.