Rehabilitation is Not Just for the Addict

Family together

When someone goes to rehab it is normal to think of the physical and mental affects that this person will be relieved of, by withdrawing and detoxifying from drugs or alcohol.

What is sometimes overlooked is how widespread the help truly reaches.

The Whole Family Is Affected

When one family member is addicted, the whole family is affected. For a spouse or partner, the truth is often kept a secret, while they try and juggle a ‘normal’ life and all the responsibilities of a marriage, house and perhaps children without the help of a supportive partner.

For a child, there is often neglect or perhaps fear. The mystery as to what is actually going on, and a missing answer for the erratic behaviour. A child can be trapped when there is a lack of understanding and consequently feeling unable to do anything about it.


In the height of addiction, a lot of damage can be caused to those around one, especially the friends and family who are close and trying to do something about it.

A big factor in rehabilitation is coming to terms with the damage one has caused, the broken relationships and hurt people. To truly be able to move forward again, something has to be done to repair these broken ties. By learning to communicate better and face their past, our students start to rebuild strong relationships and spread a positive influence to those around them.

So by helping one addict you can help a whole family get back to a fun and happy life without drugs.

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Welcome to Narconon United Kingdom At Narconon, we are dedicated to one thing: helping you overcome addiction for good. Part of what makes this possible is the Narconon environment. Every detail has been taken into account to give you the stability and comfort to help you free yourself from addiction and rebuild your life without drugs.