Prescription Drug Abuse

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Did you know that the abuse of prescription medication has reached a point of epidemic proportions?

We are not just talking about the U.S., but here in the UK as well.

Recently, the British Medical Association met to discuss and plan what can be done to counter such a problem. With illicit drug use continuing to ruin peoples lives, to have prescribed medication causing the same problem is very concerning.

A lead speaker, Luke Montagu and the co-founder of CEP, the Council for Evidence based Psychiatry spoke on these matters. His story gives a good example of how something minor can lead to the destruction of someone's life. A bad reaction to a sinus operation led Luke to being prescribed anti-depressants, and because these left him with too much energy he was further prescribed sleeping pills. It sounds crazy but things like this are happening every day. Nineteen years later he was taken off the sleeping pills and the withdrawal was a living hell, unable to talk, think or move, he had to resign from work at the company that he had built himself. Following that was the withdrawal from the anti-depressants, and five years later those withdrawal symptoms have not fully cleared. See his full speech here.

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The British Medical Association are now calling for a thorough review of the withdrawal effects from prescription medication, a better guideline for doctors in prescribing the medication in the first place, combined with local prescription drug withdrawal services. See their full report here. With our NHS under threat from budget cuts and everything else going on, the prescription medication crisis is only adding another burden to our already very weighed down health service. It is high time that something effective is done to cut this epidemic before it gets any further out of hand.

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