I Wake Up in the Mornings Fresh and Happy

 — I.B

At the end of the sauna step, I feel like I want to write a success story about what I have gained from the detoxification.

When I started the program, I couldn’t imagine what bad stuff could be inside me, or how I would feel after, but, in time, I had a lot different reactions, like I felt alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and even a lot of radiation coming out of me.

Before I started I was really tired in the mornings all the time, had no energy in the afternoons and sometimes I couldn’t even sleep. Now it’s much different. I feel that these things came out of me and it made a huge difference. I wake up in the mornings fresh and happy. I feel more energetic in the afternoons, and I fall asleep straight away when I go to my bed.

I was using drugs and alcohol because I was bored or I couldn’t do anything that made me happy or interested! Now I feel that I don’t need any substance to go out and spend my time usefully and entertained, I’ve even started to go to the gym after 3 years; it’s a big deal for me.

I honestly feel like that I am reborn and regenerated. THANK YOU, NARCONON!!”

 — I.B

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